Beyonce and Moderation

Whether it’s champagne or seed crackers

Recently a friend asked if she could overdo it on eating seed crackers made from a mixture of seeds, water and salt. Well, yes. They’re a really good snack option and full of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. But even healthy snacks need to be consumed in moderation. As we should do with most things. 

I’ve been known not to limit myself on occasion. For instance, the time I was invited to a party, hosted by Absolut Vodka, with guests Beyonce and Jay-Z. I started my evening at another event with free Moet champagne. (During my New York/magazine days, my girlfriends and I would choose the event invitations based on the drinks sponsor listed on the invite.) There was no limiting myself that night and when I stepped out of the car, I fell. Onto Beyonce. There wasn’t any acknowledgement of me, thankfully, and I recovered myself. But still. 

Major, major cringe moment. 

And that’s the takeaway: No matter if something is free—or healthy—it all comes back to moderation. (You can even get drunk from drinking too much water!) Healthy baking made with unrefined sugars should still be limited to one treat per day. A handful of blueberries should suffice, not the whole bucket. Half an avocado on your salad is plenty—you don’t need the whole thing.


Photo by Sabel Bianco