Be a Hoarder

Don’t worry, you (probably) won’t end up on a reality show.


Know someone with plum trees? Get over there in a couple months, buckets in hand. Keep an eye out for good prices for fruit seconds at the farmer's market, or advertised online, in the newspaper or through local organisations. Get a banana box. When you see a box of lemons marked FREE, grab a few. There’s no shame in hoarding produce (or any other fresh food you can get your hands on) and popping it in a labeled snap-lock bag and into the deep-freeze for later use. 

Invest in a deep-freeze (even if it’s used off Trade Me) to store anything you can get your hands on. This is an excellent way to keep food costs down and have a great supply of produce in coming months. 

When there’s a glut of something in the veggie garden, search online for ideas of how to store it. Almost always, there’s a way to store something. When someone offers you something—eggs, flounder, cabbage—never say no. Because there’s always something you can do with it and more often than not, homegrown and home kill are the most nutrient-rich way to eat.


Photo by Annie Spratt