Ditch Fast Food Snacks

Because you deserve better.

When your stomach or children or partner are HANGRY, grabbing greasies can seem like the easiest option. Quick snack at Subway, Maccas, BK or a pie…no biggie. But the problem is, it is. Literally. New Zealanders are the third most obese people on the planet. There are a few reasons for that. One that I blame is our love of snacking, especially morning and afternoon tea. But instead of a sensible, small snack, we’re having meal-size portions of food and jumbo sugary drinks. The best way to combat grabbing fast food as a quick snack: Be prepared. Keep a bag of nuts in the glove box so that when you or one of your passengers starts moaning about being on the verge of starvation, you’ve got something to eat. Bring water in the car—often, thirst masks itself as hunger and a big chug of water can fill your belly until you get home.

snackaballsTom&Luke Snackballs make an easy-to-grab supermarket snack.

And what if you find yourself without a snack? Go to a grocery store instead of fast food—it takes the same amount of time and hardly anymore effort (come on, it’s actually good for you to walk!). Grab some fruit, bliss balls, cherry tomatoes, sparkling water or packet of nuts. Self checkout and boom, you’re done, back in the car, and on your way. 

Making Healthy Swaps: One Week at a Time

One of the main messages I’ve pulled from watching Frozen II 342 times (which is nothing compared to the 933 times I’ve watched the first Frozen) is that if something seems overwhelming, take it one step at a time—“The Next Right Thing,” if you will.
When I began studying nutrition, I felt completely overwhelmed at the idea of making healthy changes all at once. But when I started to channel Anna, Grand Pabbi and Lieutenant Mattias and do one step at a time, it made it easier to adopt a new habit. On that note, we’re going to make one swap per week. Some of them are easy, some take a bit more time to master and some you may already be doing.