Coffee for Berries

Before you latte-lovers get too outraged, don’t worry, I’m not going to advocate you ditch your beloved a.m. brew.

(Although studies show it’s good to limit to one cup per day, in the morning, so you don’t irritate your adrenals or disrupt your sleep - read more.)

No, this easy swap is all about paying attention to where we spend our moola. Have you ever scoffed at the price of a punnet of blueberries? Gawked at the idea of $6 for 250 grams of raspberries? But many of us don’t think twice about dropping a fiver on a flat white. And while coffee has antioxidants, it doesn’t compare to the nutritious goodness in fresh produce.

This is a simple swap and a bit of mindfulness in one. Next time you pass over some beautiful, nutrient-packed produce because of the price, think about what else you might spend that money on during the week and decide which one will benefit your body more.


Image: Berries, Courtesy of Anne Watson Photography

Making Healthy Swaps: One Week at a Time

One of the main messages I’ve pulled from watching Frozen II 342 times (which is nothing compared to the 933 times I’ve watched the first Frozen) is that if something seems overwhelming, take it one step at a time—“The Next Right Thing,” if you will.
When I began studying nutrition, I felt completely overwhelmed at the idea of making healthy changes all at once. But when I started to channel Anna, Grand Pabbi and Lieutenant Mattias and do one step at a time, it made it easier to adopt a new habit. On that note, we’re going to make one swap per week. Some of them are easy, some take a bit more time to master and some you may already be doing.