Whole Grain for White Flour

Because white is not right.

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Ditch Fast Food Snacks

Because you deserve better.

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Peanut Butter

Look at the labels, for real. 

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Ditch that table salt faster than you can say “pass the…”

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Sunflower Seeds

Nutrient powerhouse that's good for baking. Boom.

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Is it a coincidence that yellow is the colour of happiness AND butter? I think not.

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Bacon, Ham, Salami and Sausages

It’s no secret we love our meat in N.Z., especially processed meats—bacon, sausages, ham, salami, corned beef. Coincidentally, did you know that we have one of the highest colorectal cancer rates in the world?

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Coffee for Berries

Before you latte-lovers get too outraged, don’t worry, I’m not going to advocate you ditch your beloved a.m. brew.

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Breakfast Cereal

We’ve all heard it: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Well done, Mr. Brekky, you pinnacle of the day’s meals. And what do many of us reach for and give our children for this most important of feasts? Sugar-laden cereal! Believe me, I GET that kids like cereal. And it’s fast. So let’s not drop it as an option, but pick a better one. Next time you’re in the cereal aisle, grab a box. 

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Making Healthy Swaps: One Week at a Time

One of the main messages I’ve pulled from watching Frozen II 342 times (which is nothing compared to the 933 times I’ve watched the first Frozen) is that if something seems overwhelming, take it one step at a time—“The Next Right Thing,” if you will.
When I began studying nutrition, I felt completely overwhelmed at the idea of making healthy changes all at once. But when I started to channel Anna, Grand Pabbi and Lieutenant Mattias and do one step at a time, it made it easier to adopt a new habit. On that note, we’re going to make one swap per week. Some of them are easy, some take a bit more time to master and some you may already be doing.